About Emerald Editor

Emerald Editor is designed to be a fast, extensible text editor, heavily inspired by Crimson Editor, a freeware text editor created by Ingyu Kang. After version 3.70, in September 2004, no new versions emerged, and by April 2006, even the staunchest of believers began to wonder if a new version would ever emerge. Enter "Emerald Editor."

It started out as a collection of posters on the CE forums, looking at building an open source clone of Crimson Editor, supporting all of the features of Crimson Editor, plus being in a position to further maintain, bug-fix, and otherwise develop the software. And, on 22nd April 2006, it was given a name that kept it in the spirit of Crimson Editor, whilst being different... "red" for stop and "green" for go, and Emerald Editor was born.

The source code for Crimson Editor has since been released, on 29th December 2006, and the Emerald Editor team is currently looking at how they can support Crimson Editor in this time of transition.

It is currently in a state of flux and rampant development, so for the moment your best bet would probably be the Discussion Forum.

Features we plan to include:

Emerald Editor is copyright © 2006-2007 by the Emerald Editor team "A jewel of an editor"